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Meet the team behind New Beginnings


Tricia Nabors has over 20 years of experience in human relations as a clinical therapist, career coach, leadership coach and executive director of an educational program.  Her work includes leadership and personal development - spanning the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.  She has worked as a consultant, coach, and group facilitator.  Throughout Tricia’s career, she has often been referenced as a powerful leader who has a no-nonsense approach, who hears what often is not verbally articulated, while having a knack for tactful delivery and interactions.   She creates safe environments for honest dialogue, eases in-group interaction while holding space for diversity of thought all while simultaneously embracing humor and natural enthusiasm to break down barriers to motivate change.  Tricia assists clients to reach a state of self-awareness in order to optimize personal and professional success.


Tricia currently works as a coach, trainer, speaker, and founder of the New Beginnings Re-entry program.  Over the past eight years, New Beginnings has been a program that advocates helping inmates rediscover their potential.  Tricia Created REAL (Recognize, Explore, Adapt, Live) the framework that sparks intensive reflection and dramatic behavioral change.


Over the past eight years, Tricia has witnessed first  hand the complexities behind the work that’s performed within a correctional institution.  While most folks go to work daily, for a paycheck, working in corrections to make effective change requires one to show up with intention while understanding one’s impact is of primary importance in order to make effective change.  This aids in her ability to train the administrative team in how to become a brave, courageous leader who shows up authentically.


Tricia’s skills include leadership development, team effectiveness, facilitation, curriculum design, training, career coaching and personal transformation.


Tricia has a master’s in education, is a Board-Certified Coach and a Certified Professional Coach.  Other credentials include the MBTI, EQ-I 2.0, EQ360, which is a Get Five Certified Career Coach and is a Certified Facilitator of Daring Greatly™ and Dare to Lead™.  

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